OnlyFans is a paid membership site where artists like celebrities and influencers can provide their most devoted fans access to unique material. While the site has long been linked with pornographic material and sexual service providers, it has recently seen a surge in popularity among fitness instructors, public figures, & mainstream celebrities like Cardi B & Bella Thorne, who use it to share intimate details of their life with their followers.

The material that many prominent producers share on the OnlyFans platform, however, continues to make the site divisive and stigmatizing. Despite this, there are numerous OnlyFans artists still using the adult site to reach their audience and make money off of their work. Not only this, but platforms such as FeetFinder are considered the best choice to make money without showing your face as you can only earn by selling foot pictures.

Let’s now move forward to learn about the expert tips that can help you make money on OnlyFans without showing your face. Keep reading!

Tips to Earn Money on OnlyFans Without Showing Face

Earning money is easy if you have the right skills and you know how to do things smartly. Let us now delve into the tips that can be useful to make money on OnlyFans without showing your face.

1. Never Use Real Name and Identity for Account

Promoting your material is as simple as creating a social media account (using the same “stage” name as your Onlyfans account, of course).

The marketing will be more successful and the process of gaining new followers of the platforms easier if you include, for example, some photographs from such accounts.

Create a separate email address to use with these “fake” social media profiles for further security. You should start again on these sites if you want to maintain total anonymity, since the sites’ algorithms may suggest the newly created account to individuals you already know.

2. Make Up for Lack of Face With Effective Communication

It’s normal for viewers to feel emotionally distant from a content creator who hides their identity behind a screen. It might make the entire process of subscribing seem cold and impersonal.

Perhaps some individuals are interested, but others aren’t going to waste their time. However, if you want to play it safe with your OF audience, you should make things as casual and easygoing as possible.

This may be accomplished by actively engaging with your followers and responding to their direct messages, questions, and requests. Know that people want to be acknowledged in some way and that this acknowledgment must be substantial for them to return for more of your material. When both your audience and yourself value what you bring to the table, everyone wins.

3. Block IP With OF Geo Blocking Tool

Geo-blocking technology also allows you to conceal your location from other users or to restrict access based on a user’s location. Of course, you may also ban certain users by their usernames.

Once you log in to the OF platform, you’ll have immediate access to the Geo-Blocking tool. Simply go to the menu bar and choose “Security.” Place the locations or IP addresses you want to prevent from accessing your content there.

You shouldn’t be afraid to block anybody on OF whom you feel poses a danger to your safety or your ability to maintain your anonymity since the “dedication” of some users can quickly morph into harassment.

4. Mask It Up

One effective method of maintaining anonymity is donning a mask. Masks come in all styles and designs, making it simple for you to select one that resonates with either your persona or theme of content creation. From classic masquerade masks and quirky costume masks to face coverings or simple coverings. Wearing one adds mystique and intrigue to any video or content created!

Just ensure it remains comfortable throughout its use – otherwise, it might inhibit communication or create content effectively. This way you can make money on OnlyFans without showing your face and even getting recognized.

5. Be Smart With Camera Angles

One effective approach is being strategic with camera angles. By strategically angling your camera, you can capture footage that only shows from the neck down; maintaining anonymity while still showcasing unique talents or content. Experiment with different placement options until you discover one that best demonstrates who you are – this way your audience will have no problems enjoying what you have to say without seeing your face!

Maintaining privacy on platforms like OnlyFans is a top priority for many creators, and these methods provide practical ways of accomplishing that objective. While hiding your identity, remember that concealment doesn’t restrict creativity or connect you with your audience – these must remain your top priorities as with any online venture.

6. Do Something That Requires a Subscription

Offering membership to your material is the most profitable way to monetize your OnlyFans without exposing your face, however, there are other ways to do so, such as charging for messages.

OnlyFans may be used as a monthly or yearly membership service to reward your most devoted followers with exclusive material. A growing number of A-listers are taking advantage of this feature to provide behind-the-scenes footage or other material that is not available elsewhere. Also, this further helps them to make money on OnlyFans without showing their face.

So, now you know about the tips that can help you earn money on OnlyFans without showing your face. Well, the next thing that you should know is the privacy features offered by this platform to the sellers.

Security Measures for OnlyFans

Let’s talk about the privacy features offered by the platform’s creators before moving on to suggestions on how to get started generating money without revealing your identity.

OnlyFans took many precautions to ensure the privacy of seller information:

1. Double-checking security

Two-factor authentication may be enabled in the account settings. Then, go to that site’s app store and search for the relevant app. This program will produce arbitrary access tokens. This safeguard ensures that nobody except you, using your phone, may access your profile.

2. Sign-in Times

You have the option of seeing all of the connected devices to your account. Disabling unused sessions is also an option. Check the “Login Sessions” section of the preferences for further details on this matter.

3. Images and Videos with Watermarks

By adding a watermark with their OnlyFans page ID, creators may claim ownership over their work. It has nothing to do with hiding one’s identity but does assist in preventing the copying of works.

4. Adjustments to Transparency

Authors have granular control over the level of accessibility of their work thanks to a variety of parameters. You may either entirely disappear from the site by switching to “invisible” mode or you can restrict access to just certain people.

In addition, the platform allows creators to blacklist subscribers who are a nuisance.

FeetFinder: The OG Alternate to OnlyFans for Earning Money Without Showing Face

Multiple online platforms allow a user to earn money efficiently without even investing much. Well, if you are looking for a dedicated platform where you can make money without showing your face then FeetFinder is the place for you. On this platform, you can create a profile and start earning money by selling foot pictures online. The fetish for feet pictures is growing in the users rapidly and there are a plethora of buyers who would like to purchase the feet pictures without any doubt.

Why Sell Feet Pictures Online?

If you have attractive feet, you may have wondered whether you might earn some extra money by selling photos of them online. To put it simply, yes! The benefits of making money with images of your feet are many. Also, you can make money on OnlyFans without showing your face.

1. Potential for Financial Gain

Selling pictures of one’s feet is an often overlooked but potentially profitable business opportunity. Numerous sites in the expansive foot fetish market provide not one but two revenue streams for their users. You have the option of selling bespoke content or profile subscriptions. You may earn well over a thousand dollars in a month and sell feet pics for cash.

Having a large following on foot-selling platforms like Onlyfans may help you amass a considerable fortune. Finding the correct platform and creating high-quality material that people are ready to pay for is essential if you want to make big money selling photographs of feet.

These days, anybody can earn money by selling images of their feet on one of the numerous websites dedicated to this niche market. You’ll need to put in some time and effort to locate the one that works best for you. Selling images of people’s feet is an easy way to make a lot of money with little effort.

2. The Potential to Establish One’s Name

Brand awareness may be greatly increased by selling pictures of people’s feet. If you don’t hide your identity, you may make friends with your target audience and win over their loyalty. Building a strong personal brand allows you to differentiate yourself from other merchants and become recognized as an authority in your profession.

Another profitable niche is selling photographs of one’s feet online. If you can amass a sizable fan base, you may demand exorbitant fees for your photographic works. If you’re looking for a way to generate some additional income and expand your audience at the same time, selling foot photos is a great choice.

3. It’s a Way to Make Extra Money

You may make a lot of extra money by selling images of your own feet online. Those who can take convincing foot photos may profit in several ways. FeetFinder, FunwithFeet, and Feetify are all dedicated to selling foot pictures, so you know there will be customers looking for FeetFinder only. If you have feet pics to sell then you can easily become a seller on FeetFinder.

For those who would rather avoid direct client interaction, there are several stock picture websites where photographers may sell their work.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our comprehensive guide to anonymously monetizing your OnlyFans profile. With any luck, you now feel prepared to launch your own OnlyFans (no face required) and have no other queries. It’s not easy being an adult content maker. Particularly if you don’t want your loved ones to know!

The only way to avoid this is to sign up for OnlyFans anonymously. With the marketing advice you just received, not even not exhibiting it will prevent you from generating thousands every month!