What is Foot Job

Foot jobs are personal practices that entail rubbing one’s feet on another person to create arousal, pleasure, or orgasm. It’s thought to be a component of foot fetishes. Males are the most common participants in foot jobs, where one partner touches or rubs the other partner’s genital area with his or her feet and toes.

Most people mistakenly believe that a foot job is limited to using the feet to stimulate the penis; however, other foot jobs involve using the feet to stimulate the breasts and other female genitalia. There is no chance of pregnancy or STDs when working on your feet; it is just another type of outercourse.

Foot jobs include stimulating a partner’s genitalia with the feet to elicit sexual excitement and even an orgasm. Only people with foot fetishes or those who find feet sexually stimulating do foot jobs. You can also earn money by selling foot job pics and to sell foot job pics you can use FeetFinder, one of the best platforms that gives you a chance to earn money.

What is a Foot Job?

As the name suggests, a foot job is similar to a hand job. Rather than using their hands to stimulate a man’s intimate area, they typically use their feet. You can use your toes, heels, and footbeds to provide a foot job. Giving pleasure without getting your hands dirty is possible with this method.

Fetishist men are huge fans of foot jobs. More than anything, they like admiring gorgeous feet and gently massaging the most delicate part of them. However, if you’re a lover of feet and you’re the one receiving, there’s nothing that will make you feel more in control than seeing gorgeous feet wrapped around a man’s private area. He will practically be taking care of your feet and enjoying himself.

It’s not like a man can simply work on his feet. When a woman’s vulva is properly placed and stimulated harmonically, she will experience the pleasure she has been longing for.

With a little patience and effort, you and your spouse may eventually enjoy a relaxing foot massage. After that, you can alternate, keeping your hands totally out of romantic situations.

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What Makes Foot Jobs Fun?

What makes a foot job appealing, then? There’s something seductive and sensual about feet, whether or not you have a desire for them. To add to that, creative foot jobs are yet another approach to stroking, stimulating, and arousing your partner.

Here are a few additional explanations for why you should attempt this unusual yet incredibly sensual sexual act.

1. Your Feet Are Packed with Nerve Endings

An often-underappreciated body component that may provide enormous pleasure is the human foot. To begin with, it has a ton of nerve endings—more than 200,000 in each foot. This indicates that foot jobs are enjoyable for all those involved.

You can feel every twitch, pulse, and throb in your foot thanks to these nerve endings, which also give it exceptional responsiveness and sensitivity to your partner’s requirements. You may modify your approach to push your significant other to the brink of pleasure by using these tiny cues to change direction or speed, as well as apply more or less pressure.

2. There’s A Lot to Work With

Most individuals utilize their palms predominantly when delivering a hand job, with occasional appearances from their fingers. When it comes to arousing a penis or vagina, your foot job provides even more options. Your toes can grab, flex, wrap, and tickle, starting at the top.

The balls of your feet are sturdy and solid as you descend. You can apply pressure to different parts of your partner’s body with this part of your foot if they enjoy rough play. Your man’s whole penis may be stroked with great ease thanks to the smooth and taut soles of your foot. Remember to wear your heels as well. Heel play, another more difficult area of the foot, is best left to kinky players and pros with footwork.

3. It Can Stimulate Other Areas of the Body

The connection between your genitalia and your feet may surprise you. Sort of, anyhow. Experts argue that the proximity of the brain region controlling foot function to that responsible for stimulating genitalia may be one factor contributing to the development of foot fetishes and the enjoyment of foot jobs.

Foot play or stimulation can occasionally cause your genitalia to get produced, leading to feelings of sexual arousal and desire when these signals are misinterpreted. So much so that you begin to fantasize about your feet sexually. Combining these two sensual feelings and providing sexual satisfaction for all parties involved is ideal when giving or getting a foot job.

4. It’s a Mild Form of BDSM

Let’s now discuss control. Power dynamics may be quite stimulating, whether you’ve experimented with bondage, spanking, blindfolding your partner, or are into far more extreme types of BDSM. You’ll like leading your partner while they give you a foot job if you thrive on taking the lead and making decisions.

However, you have your partner at your mercy when you give them a foot job. You are in charge of how hard, gentle, quick, or slow you want to stimulate their genitalia. You will feel intoxicated with power as you see them becoming more and more aroused and on the verge of an orgasm.

However, there is also merit in letting go of control and embracing total vulnerability. When allowing his lover to caress his package with their feet, a man must have faith in them.

Likewise, a lady whose partner is tickling her most tender spots might say the same thing. If you’re a submissive who puts forth little effort, you could enjoy being controlled, told what to do, and even made fun of.

How to Give a Proper Foot Job?

Now that you understand the appeal of foot jobs, let’s discuss technique. We’ll focus on that, as guys are more likely to be the targets of foot jobs, but we’ll also provide some advice for women. The fundamental stages for assigning a foot duty are as follows:

1. Prep Your Feet

Make sure your toes and feet are clean and well-groomed before you remove your garments. This not only improves their appearance but also lessens the chance of pain or damage after work is done. Give your feet some much-needed attention.

Apply moisturizer, paint, and trim your toenails, then wash them with antibacterial soap. To keep things feeling and looking nice, take care of any further underlying problems, such as calluses, athlete’s foot, or a fungal infection.

2. Get Warmed Up

A foot job requires foreplay, just like any decent sex act. Start by stepping through your partner’s clothing and stepping on their genitalia. Move up and down their shaft until you sense an increase in their erection.

From the tip to the base, flex and wrap your toes around various areas of their package. This may begin beneath the table during dinner, in the car on the way home, or whenever you get to know your significant other in private.

3. Skin-to-skin contact

Now that your partner is nice and warm, it’s time to lubricate them. Ask them to take off their underwear and pants so you can start working. Apply some lubrication beforehand, though. The wetter, the better when it comes to any sexual performance. Both your partner’s privates and your feet should be well lubricated.

Applying massage oil or warming lubricant will help to further warm things up. The more lubrication you use, the simpler it will be for your feet to move over their bodies and into position. If you intend to participate in foot fucking, also known as anal or vaginal penetration, lube is extremely crucial.

4. Move Your Legs

Unbelievably, your legs are crucial when doing a foot job. Your feet are just an extension of your legs, so be sure to use them in the exercise. To create space, yank on your partner’s member, and to establish a more comfortable position, bend your knees.

As you tighten your grasp on his cock (not too tight, though, unless he begs for it), straighten them out. Additionally, you may improve your range of motion and avoid becoming tired too quickly by bending your legs at the hips.

5. Ask for a Hand

Giving a foot job is likely to wear you out, even with the ideal stance and form. Ask for assistance if your partner hasn’t had an orgasm yet and your feet are becoming tired.

Give your legs a rest and let him handle your feet while you watch. You may explore other regions of his body and your own with your hands as well.

While assigning footwork, there are no regulations. Follow your instincts and what seems right for the two of you. That may also require you to use other bodily components.

Maybe you could provide a blowjob or foot job, where you sometimes turn over and give his package a brief lick or kiss. With blow jobs, the phrase shrimping refers to sucking someone’s toes. Take your foot out of his crotch and place it in front of his lips, urging him to do the same.

Additional Tips and Tricks for an Exceptional Foot Job

  • Feet fetishes are not the same. So, to figure out exactly what your spouse likes, you need to talk to them. For example, do they like bare or lacquered toenails? Which do they prefer: filthy or clean feet? Having their imaginations realized will contribute to the footwork experience.


  • One cannot stress the value of lubrication. Your feet won’t self-lubricate, just like with anal. So choose a long-lasting lubricant to keep things smooth and slick for as long as possible. Coconut oil will function just as well in the absence of lubrication.


  • Pairing edging with kinky foot jobs works beautifully. You may halt him right before he reaches his climax by using your feet to push him dangerously near the brink. For greater suspense and an even stronger orgasm, repeat this procedure a couple more times.


  • For a partner who has a foot fetish, feet are everything. Allowing your spouse to finish on your feet will enhance the specialness of the encounter even further.


  • Most importantly, have fun! For both sides, engaging in footplay may be exhilarating. Don’t be scared to try new things; follow your instincts, and be sure to utilize your creativity.

Final Words

You are now fully informed about offering and accepting foot jobs. Foot jobs bring pleasure to both parties and add diversity to your sex life, whether or not you have a foot fetish.

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