Selling feet pics online is an excellent side business for fashion models, female bloggers and moms in need of extra income.

Many people are confused by the pricing of their photos once they decide to sell them to cover personal costs.

How much do feet pics sell for? 

It is an often asked question. The price of your feet pictures will vary depending on what type and where you sell them.

Do you want to know how much do feet pics sell for in the market?

The popularity of social networks and the internet has led to a significant increase in the demand for feet pics.

In spite of its odd appearance, feet photography is a money making industry. Photographers are now making thousands each month from feet photos.

This article will define feet pics and explain how they are sold, the reasons people purchase them, as well as the best websites to sell them.

What are Feet Pics All About?

Photos of feet (also known as “foot photography”) that are focused on the foot.

It is possible to take photos of either one’s feet or those of others. There are many styles that can be used, from candid snaps and artistic compositions.

You know it? Recent years have seen a rise in the number of people sharing photos of their feet, in all kinds and settings, on various social media platforms.

You can take good feet pics to use for marketing, advertising and product promotions.

Why Do People Buy Pictures of Feet?

You may be wondering why people would buy photos of their feet. You can buy photos of feet for several reasons.

  • The Foot Fetishist: Foot fetishists are the largest percentage of buyers. The majority of these individuals are foot fetishists who pay high prices for custom-made and professionally produced videos or photos that meet their needs.

  • Image and Stock Photo Sites: Sites like Uspach and Pexels buy pictures and photos of the feet from different angles.

  • Footcare Businesses: Brands of pedicure or foot care hire a model to apply a product. Models must take a photo of their feet after applying the product. This foot photo is then used by the firm in their marketing campaigns, on social media and website. The footcare industry also needs feet photos to use in their brochures, display ads and product packaging.

  • The Foot Accessory Industry: To market your products, you need images of the feet.

  • Footwear Manufacturers: Companies selling shoes can’t sell their product because they aren’t allowed to use images of feet.

  • Bloggers: Foot pictures are needed by bloggers to post on their website.

As you have read above why people buy feet pics, We will now discuss the subject “how much do feet pics sell for”.

How Much Do Feet Pics Sell For?

We’ll answer your question: how much do feet pics sell for?. It depends on the number of people who will be viewing the photograph, its quality and even the reason for taking it.

For each photo, foot photographers will earn anything from $5-$100 and sometimes even more. But some photographers charge from $50 per image to $500, or even higher.

For a higher income, as a professional feet photographer you should have your trusted website to buy and sell photos.

No need to look anywhere instead of FeetFinder. You can see the FeetFinder reviews which can help you to make good decisions.

Best Website To Sell Feet Pics

If you are interested in selling feet photos, you will find several options to do so.

Platforms are not the same. Some of them provide better opportunities. has grown in popularity as a place to purchase and sell pictures and video of sexy legs.

The website’s focus is on feet photography. Buyers can find great photos of feet here and people looking to sell work will be able to do so.

After selecting an appropriate place to sell feet pics for money, now you can consider this step “how much do feet pics sell for”.

Why Do You Need to Choose FeetFinder?

FeetFinder comes with several features for feet images, as listed below.

  • A dedicated customer base: The majority of FeetFinder’s users are interested solely in the photography of feet. This means that your clients will appreciate and value what you have to offer.

  • Very easy to use. This platform makes it simple for you to upload, sell and share your images of feet.

  • FeetFinder provides competitive pricing. This allows for more control of revenue.

  • Anonymity. If you wish to keep your privacy, you may choose to have the pictures you sell on FeetFinder be anonymous.

FeetFinder features a vast collection of photos featuring feet from talented photographers. By allowing customers to filter images using parameters such as foot size, posture, or setting, the website helps them find an image that suits their needs. It is one and only platform where you can sell feet pics without getting scammed.

How to Sell Feet Pics on FeetFinder

FeetFinder is a great place to find feet pics. You can get started by following these steps:

  1. Create account : Showcase your work by creating an account on FeetFinder.

  2. Your photos: You can add pictures of your foot to your profile. Choose beautiful and high-quality photos that are sure to attract the attention of buyers.

  3. Determine your own prices. Consider factors such as image quality, audience size and price.

  4. Await buyers. Simply await customers’ purchases after you have uploaded your images and set their prices.

FeetFinder offers a fantastic option for anyone interested in selling their feet photos. FeetFinder’s dedicated users, affordable pricing and easy-to use interface allow foot photographers to display their work, earn money and do what they love.

How Much Should Feet Pictures Cost?

How much should I charge? You should consider several factors when pricing the photos. 

It has been reported that many feet-picture sellers makeover $70,000 per year. What a figure!

In the research, we have found some interesting statistics about the various pricing plans.

Selling Platform

Different pricing plans are available for each platform based on the popularity of that particular platform and how many buyers there are. 

You should keep your pricing low at first, particularly if you’re trying out a platform that is less popular.

Content Format

Different content types have different pricing. The price of video content differs from that for images.

A seller may charge $10 for an image of one foot. The price of a brief video clip, however, can range from $60 to $70. Starting out, your content shouldn’t be too expensive.

What Types Of Buyers Are There?

Be confident in the buyers that you’re targeting. Some customers have larger budgets, while others are on a tighter budget.

A buyer with a higher budget, such as a film maker, will pay more for your product than the average fashion blogger. Pricing should therefore be flexible to suit different clients.

Seller Levels

It is possible to see that a seller offers a price of $100 for similar pictures. You don’t need to do that if you just want to get started.

Prices for top models tend to be higher because they are more popular, have more reviews and experience from customers, as well as possess photography skills which most novices lack.

Foot Types

The price of beautiful, well-maintained and attractive feet is higher. Your feet must be less attractive if you do not wish to charge more. 

You can keep your prices by keeping an eye on the kind of feet that you possess.

The demand for these unique feet is high.

Content Quality

Camera and photographer skills determine the quality of a video or image. Videos and images of poor quality will not sell. 

Charge more for professional high-quality photos and videos taken with high definition cameras.

Custom Images

A brand may approach you and ask to photograph your feet after applying its product. They can be charged more than usual. They are willing to pay more for models.


The answer is clear to this question “how much do feet pics sell for”. Due to the demand for your feet pics and other factors, the price is different between you and models on the same platforms. 

You should analyze other platform sellers and their pricing and adjust your own price according to that.

You can earn a lot of money by selling photos of feet. It depends on the type of photo, its intended audience, and what platform you choose to sell it. No doubt, FeetFinder is one of the best in selling feet pics industry.

The cost can vary from several dollars up to hundreds of dollars depending on the demand for the picture and its originality.

It is difficult to get clients who have a new profile at first. Keep your price as low as you can and increase it over time. 

Set long-term pricing goals and keep prices between $5 and $100. Hopefully, your all queries have been covered in this blog “how much do feet pics sell for”. 

Now come out with a unique pose to sell feet pics online and make millions.