Is Fun With Feet a Scam

You find yourself wondering: Is Fun With Feet a scam? You’ve seen the ads and heard the buzz, but you’re still not sure. The feet pic selling site seems too good to be true, promising easy money for sharing pics of your toes. Before joining up, you want to know if Fun With Feet pays out. 

Your mind races with questions. Will they buy my feet pics? Is this whole thing just a trick to get free photos? You’re intrigued but hesitant. Maybe it is time to do some digging and uncover the truth. You feel compelled to investigate further and get the real scoop on whether Fun With Feet delivers on its promises. 

The answers await as you embark on this quest to determine if it is a scam, or if selling pics of your feet can be fun and lucrative. The only way to know for sure is to read on.

Is Fun With Feet a Scam?- What Is Fun With Feet?

It’s a Scam Website

Fun With Feet is a website where people can sell pictures and videos of their feet to foot fetishists. If you’ve got an interest to make money selling pictures of your body, Fun With Feet allows you to create a profile to share photos and clips of your feet for a monthly subscription fee.

How Does It Work?

Once you create your profile, you can post photos and short video clips of your feet for your fans and subscribers. You set your subscription price, typically between $5 to $50 per month, to allow people access to your photos and clips. Fun With Feet charges a subscription fee.

Is It Legit or  Scam?

Fun With Feet is a scam website and many people have got scammed on the platform. Many people have reported issues with delayed payments or difficulty canceling their accounts. As with any website where you’re selling digital content, there is a risk of content piracy or people sharing your pics and clips for free. Some also argue that they don’t have any specific security protocol to safeguard user’s data.

The Bottom Line

If you’re interested in making money from your feet and are comfortable to sell ugly feet pictures online, Fun With Feet can’t be a good option. So you may want to explore reputable platforms like FeetFinder which charges lower fees before committing to Fun With Feet.

Fun With Feet vs FeetFinder Comparison

Have you heard of Fun With Feet? Many ask Is Fun With Feet scam? At first glance, it seems too good to be true. Can you make money selling photos of your feet? We were curious to find out.

Is Fun With Feet a Scam or Legit?

After investigating Fun With Feet average income, we firmly believe it’s an outright scam. Many members do report making no money at all, plus there are some downsides to consider.

The biggest issue is that Fun With Feet charges high fees and doesn’t give services that are worth the price users give. In comparison to this FeetFinder has affordable subscription packages with many advanced features. 

Key Features are:-

  • FeetFinder markets your account for you
  • Message buyers
  • Receive custom offers
  • All content auto-blurred
  • Upload unlimited albums
  • Premium customer support
  • 5 boosts per month
  • And many more

We bet you never get this on Fun with Feet.

Another issue that sounds like an advantage to many is Fun with Feet takes no commission. You will soon figure out why we point out this as a disadvantage. FeetFinder takes a 10-15% commission but gives a 10x return to you by using the commission for marketing the seller’s account and by organizing weekly cash giveaways. 

Do you understand what we are trying to convey? Instead of keeping the full profit to the seller and dealing with the marketing hustle, it is wise to invest the same amount in the marketing budget of FeetFinder.

The third most important issue is the security. Fun with Feet never thinks of their visitor’s safety, they just talk a blue streak and never be specific. On the other hand, FeetFinder has many security protocols right from PCI-compliant security, and third-party firewalls, to CCPA, everything is there to protect customers worldwide.

Fun With Feet also has strict rules about what kinds of photos are allowed, and your account can be banned without warning if you break these rules. Some people have also reported difficulty getting paid or canceling their accounts. But you will not experience this on FeetFinder.

A Better Alternative: FeetFinder

If you’re interested in selling foot photos, we recommend checking out FeetFinder instead. They have lower fees, around 85-90% of earnings, and a more transparent policy. They also have a friendlier, less restrictive set of rules regarding photo content.

FeetFinder seems to offer a better deal for aspiring foot models. They give you more creative freedom and allow you to keep a bigger chunk of the profits from your photos. If this unusual way of making money interests you, FeetFinder is worth a look. Why not sign up for a free account and see how it goes? You’ve got nothing to lose but your socks!

Is Fun With Feet a Scam: Red Flags

No Verifiable Business Information

Fun With Feet’s website provides little details about the company behind it. There’s no physical business address, no details on who owns or runs the company, and no phone number to contact them. This lack of transparency should make you wary. Legitimate businesses provide this information to build trust with customers. Without it, Fun With Feet may not exist as a real company.

Promises of Easy Money

If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Fun With Feet advertises that you can “make thousands per week” by simply sharing photos of your feet. Generating that level of income from a side gig is highly unrealistic. They’re likely using this claim to lure in unsuspecting people eager to make easy money.

Requests for Personal Information

During the sign-up process, fun With Feet asks for personal details like your name, email, phone number, and home address. But once they have this information, there’s a risk they could use it for identity theft or sell it to other scammers. 

Legitimate foot pic selling websites like FeetFinder do ask for so much personal information up front but promise you that they will never share this information with any third party and have taken appropriate safety measures to protect your data from getting hacked. They allow you to share photos anonymously to determine if it’s something you want to seriously pursue.

Pressure to Pay Upfront Fees

Fun With Feet charges high membership fees before you can even start sharing photos or earning money. They claim these fees are for “training” and “promoting” your account. But in reality, they pocket the money and provide little in return. 

Non-Delivery of Purchased Content

Users have claimed that after making a payment for feet pictures, they did not receive the content as promised. This raised suspicions about the platform’s integrity and whether it was fulfilling its obligations to buyers.

Lack of Customer Support

Users have expressed frustration over the platform’s lack of responsive and helpful customer support. Their inquiries or complaints were ignored or met with delayed and unsatisfactory responses, indicating a lack of accountability.

Inconsistent Quality of Content

Some users have mentioned inconsistencies in the quality of the feet pictures they received. This included receiving images that did not match the advertised samples or encountering low-resolution or poorly edited content, suggesting potential misrepresentation.

Difficulty With Account Closure or Refunds

Users have reported difficulties in closing their Fun With Feet accounts or obtaining refunds for transactions that did not meet their expectations. This lack of responsiveness regarding account closure and refund requests added to the skepticism surrounding the platform.

With so many red flags signaling a “scam,” steer clear of Fun With Feet reviews. Stick with trusted foot pic selling websites like FeetFinder that are transparent in their business practices and allow you to profit from your photos. Don’t fall into the trap of handing over your personal information and money to a shady company making empty promises.

Fun With Feet Reviews: What Real Users Are Saying

So, what do real customers have to say about Fun With Feet? Reviews from verified buyers paint an interesting picture.

1. Total Waste of Money(Seller Name: Kitty M.)

Are there even any (real) customers? Didn’t get any messages or anything (for a month), despite uploading high-quality photos, waste of money

2. It’s a BIG SCAM(Seller Name: Diamond M.)

I paid to open an account and then uploaded many albums with many pics of my feet for about 2 months now and nothing happened! It’s a big scam.

3. Scammers(Seller Name: Morissete Nala)

Scammers! U can’t check inbox, no contact support, no money back!

The Bottom Line

While Fun With Feet seems to not work well, the negative reviews suggest there are likely better and more reputable platforms out there, like FeetFinder. If you do decide to sell on Fun With Feet, go in with realistic expectations, read the terms and conditions carefully, and take standard precautions to protect your privacy and payment information. 

For most people, the risks probably outweigh the rewards. But if you go slowly, do your research, and proceed with caution, you may find success selling feet pics on the site. The choice is yours!

Is Fun With Feet a Scam? Our Verdict

Privacy and Security

Is Fun With Feet a scam for those who want to turn their foot fascination into a business? No, when it comes to sharing intimate images online, privacy and security are major concerns. Fun With Feet claims that all images and personal information are kept private and secure, only shared between the model and customers. 

However, with any website, there is always a small risk of data breaches. If privacy is a top priority, you may feel more at ease using a competitor like FeetFinder, which provides encrypted storage and messaging.

Content Policies

The type of content allowed on a website is an important consideration. Fun With Feet prohibits any overly explicit content, but some models have found their policies ambiguous or unevenly enforced. If you prefer to avoid uncertainty, FeetFinder has a clearly outlined content policy banning any nudity or obscene material. They take a “less is more” approach focused on teasing and suggestion.


While Fun With Feet offers some appealing features like high payout percentages and anonymity, there are many red flags to be aware of. For some models, the risks to privacy, inconsistent pay, and ambiguous content policies may outweigh the benefits. 

If you value reliability, security, and clear guidelines above all else, FeetFinder could be a safer choice. However, with some caution and vigilance, Fun With Feet could still work out well and prove quite rewarding. The final verdict depends on which factors are most important to you as an aspiring foot model looking to make money on Fun with Feet.


So you’re left wondering, is Fun With Feet a scam or just a less effective feet pic seller than FeetFinder? While their promise of easy money for your photos seems enticing, the reality suggests proceeding with caution. However, not all hope is lost. For those seeking a more reputable outlet, consider sharing your soles through FeetFinder instead. 

Their higher commissions and secure platform empower you to profit from your peds safely. At the end of the day, only you can weigh the risks and rewards. But if you desire an ethical avenue for indulging your foot fetish fans, FeetFinder just might step up to deliver.