The online sphere is increasingly becoming a go-to spot for people aiming to augment their income with a side gig. If you’re searching for a simple way to line your pockets with extra cash, think about how to make money selling pictures of your body.

In many cases, the first thing that comes to someone’s mind when they hear about selling photos online is that it is all about nudes. On the other hand, this is one category for many.

The bottom line is that you can earn some money from body shots—from your fingers and toes to your hair and casual selfies alike.

People think only women can get buyers on FeetFinder, but it is wrong. Men also get to sell pictures of their bodies to make money like women. In this article, we will answer any of the questions you might have about this interesting opportunity of earning money and provide all the details to start off your way.

Who Wants Pictures of Your Body?

Many people would love to buy photos of your body. Some of them are:

  1. Art Students: They must also have different body images for body anatomy studies.
  2. Graphic Designers: Your body photos can be the background for digital art projects.
  3. Advertising Agencies: Good pictures of the body’s part like hand or feet can be used in adverts for the products like jewelry or footwear.
  4. Stock Photo Websites: They are always in search of different types of images, which include those related to body parts.
  5. Medical Practitioners: Photos could be used in books of medical textbooks, or as illustrations in online sites.
  6. Tattoo Artists: They may even use your images to inspire their designs or reference them.
  7. Bloggers and Content Creators: For instance, some industries that require real body images for their content include beauty, fashion, and health.
  8. Private Collectors: For instance, some people may collect the pictures of unusual or interesting body parts out of their own curiosity.
  9. Foot Fetish Community: If you would like to sell feet pics for money, there is a website named FeetFinder and you sell the pictures directly to interested persons.
  10. Independent Clients: However, some people might require their body pictures, for instance, in a project of personal reasons.

Knowing who your customers are can allow you to adjust your offerings and exploit this opportunity selling pics of your body.

Ways To Get Paid for Pictures of Your Body

There are various ways make money selling pictures of your body. Some earn with poses for feet pics while some for hands. Let’s discuss below.

1. Hand Pictures

You won’t believe it, but pictures of hands are widely sought in many different industries. Hand images are a popular addition to digital projects by graphic designers. Similarly, advertising agencies would require excellent hand photos for campaigns about skincare products, jewelry, or even mobile phones. This could be a goldmine for you if your hands are well kept.

Initially, you can buy a decent camera or even a high-end smartphone with an excellent camera setup will do. Shoot pictures using different poses and settings. In photography, light is a very important aspect; so light your hands well and do not use a distracting background. Before posting the pictures for sale, correct them for clarity, point of focus, and color balance.

Do not overlook the power of social media. Your portfolio is able to reach a bigger audience through platforms like Instagram. Furthermore, if you also got pretty feet, do not fail diversify also your portfolio with websites like FeetFinder. It might further broaden your income streams if you can incorporate FeetFinder reviews.

You’ll likely you will make money selling pictures of your body. It is possible if you understand the market and present quality pictures of your hands here.

2. Feet Pictures

It is amazing to know that you can actually sell feet pics without getting scammed and make more than average price for feet pics. From art students, private collectors, all the way to the foot fetish community, there is a whole market for foot pictures. You could make a decent side income if your feet were properly taken care of.

For starters, ensure the images you are creating are of the highest quality. In other words, good lighting, a well-focused image, and a clean background. And you can even think about having your feet pedicured so that they match your look. After making the pictures, edit them to beautify.

Decide next where to sell your foot pics. For this niche, websites like FeetFinder provide a safe and easy-to-use Hence, help you make money on FeetFinder.

Diversification is key to foot fetish pics. You can also sell the foot pictures together with other body part pictures such as hand and hair to give a total package. In doing so, you enter into different kinds of markets, thereby helping you make money selling pictures of your body.

3. Face Pictures

The cash could be your face ticket for earning online. Faces images are wanted in different sectors, including advertising, stock imagery, and even academic research. You can always capitalize on your appearance, even if it is unique or just common enough to be relatable.

Firstly, consider the technical aspects. Make sure your images are professional with good lighting and few distractions at the background. To get the best lighting condition, you might wish to purchase a ring light or a softbox. Just keep in mind that, the better the quality, the more you can afford to ask for.

Instagram and Pinterest can act as informal portfolios. These platform will not generate immediate income but will attract clients that can purchase customised photos.

You can also sell pictures of other body parts like feet at markets such as FeetFinder in order to diversify your portfolio. As for the picture, you can add a package deal including face and feet for the sake of greater buyer coverage.

By approaching this venture with a strategic mindset, you can optimize your opportunities to make money selling pictures of your body.

4. Shoulder, Neck, etc. Pictures

While these are less frequently seen, pictures of areas like the shoulder and neck also have their own unique market niches. These images may be used in skincare products’ advertising, medical textbooks, or even in art and design projects. Such pictures can also be used as reference material by some tattoo artists.

It is also advisable to groom your shoulder and neck well and ensure that the lighting of the area is good. The subject should stand out and be against a neutral background. You don’t have to set up your camera; even your high-end smartphone will work if you focus on lighting and proper framing.

Sometimes, it is better to use specialized online communities or platforms. For instance, if you take sexy feet pics and sell them on FeetFinder, you can combine the feet pictures with pictures of other body parts like neck and shoulders and sell them as a special package so as to attract different types of buyers.

In sum, the neck and shoulder niche might be smaller, but it’s another avenue to explore as you look to make money selling pictures of your body.


With these insights, you are ready to make money selling pictures of your body.

This is a simple gig but can be very lucrative and could work for anyone, even beginners. Today, several mediums can enable you make money selling pictures of your body.

The quality of your photos will largely determine how much you earn. Therefore, it is wise to invest in high-quality equipment and learn some photography skills.

Who knows, the side hustle of today may develop into the main job tomorrow.