Fun With Feet Reviews

Do you like making extra money by selling your feet pics? This last winter, our team of tech experts surfed through the internet for the most common question- how to sell feet pics in 2024 and found out that Fun with Feet is one of the trending platforms where people are experimenting and trying to sell feet pics. But with fake Fun With Feet reviews out there, how do you know where to get the most bang for your buck? 

Well listen up, because we’re about to let you in on a little secret: FeetFinder blows Fun With Feet reviews out of the water. 

With over 500,000 active buyers and a 97% seller satisfaction rating, FeetFinder makes selling your soles a breeze. At Fun With Feet, you’d be lucky to get half that traffic and their 50% satisfaction rating leaves a lot to be desired. 

So if you want to explore cautiously the online foot pic selling game, take it from us – FeetFinder is the place to go. The site’s huge user base and stellar reputation mean your pics will get maximum exposure and payout. Don’t settle for Fun With Feet’s below-average service. Head to FeetFinder today and get those feet working for you!

For those who are new to the foot fetish market, let us start from some basics.

What Is Fun With Feet?

Fun With Feet is an online community where people can buy and sell foot photos. Fun With Feet reviews claim to be an easy way to do it if you’re looking to sell feet pics for cash. However, before you jump in with both feet, here are some things you should know.

High Fees

Unlike competitors such as FeetFinder which only charges a flat 10-15% fee per sale depending on the subscription you took, Fun With Feet doesn’t take any commission from your sales but neither they implement any security practices for their users in their system. Their fees are exorbitant compared to others in the industry. 

Here let’s compare the subscription fees of FeetFinder and Fun With Feet.

Fun With Feet Fees

  • $9.99 for 3 Months of selling
  • $14.99 for 6 Months of selling

FeetFinder Fees

  • $4.99 monthly
  • $14.99 annually
  • $40.00 lifetime subscription 
  • $14.99 monthly
  • $49.99 annually
  • $80.00 for a lifetime subscription

From both packages, we can easily understand that FeetFinder is the most affordable and also provides a variety of options for users to choose from.

Lack of Support

Fun With Feet is notorious for providing little support to sellers. They don’t offer guidance on how to take appealing photos, set competitive prices, or build a loyal customer base. You’re essentially on your own. According to one seller, “They take your money and leave you hanging with no help.”

Strict Policies

Fun With Feet has some of the strictest content policies of any feet pic selling platform. They forbid any nudity or suggestive poses and censor photos they deem inappropriate. While some level of policy is understandable, their vague and subjective standards have left many sellers frustrated. If you’re looking for more creative freedom, Fun With Feet probably isn’t for you.

Overall, while the fake Fun With Feet reviews sound appealing, the reality could be better. With their high fees, lack of support, and restrictive policies, you’re better off exploring other options like FeetFinder to sell your photos. Your feet, and your wallet, will thank you.

Fun With Feet Reviews: The Good and the Bad

If you’re looking to sell ugly feet pics, you’ve probably come across Fun With Feet Reviews. At first glance, it seems like an easy way to make some cash by sharing photos of your feet. But deep inside it is loaded with n number of flaws that fun with feet reviews highlight.

Zero commission over sales and instant payouts are some of the best points that are good fun with feet reviews mentioned. But this will only turn into an advantage when the payout is really made on time and your details are secured enough. Because some sellers also report delayed payments and a need for more transparency into how the site operates. 

Limited control over your content

Once you upload your photos, Fun With Feet owns their rights. They can use your images for ads and promotions without your consent and you have no control over who views or shares them. Some sellers have found their pictures posted on other websites without their permission.

Anonymous buyers mean higher risk

Fun With Feet allows buyers to remain anonymous, which means you have no way of knowing who is viewing and purchasing your content. This can open you up to potential harassment or blackmail. While the chance may be small, it’s important to consider the risks.

If you want to dip your toe into selling feet pics, you may want to start with a platform like FeetFinder that puts more control and transparency in the hands of sellers. They allow you to blur out identifying details, set your prices, and have a strict policy against reusing or redistributing your images without consent. 

Overall, Fun With Feet seems aimed more at profit than creator well-being. For your first foray into this market, a seller-friendly site like FeetFinder is a safer choice.

Why FeetFinder Is Better Than Fun With Feet?

When comparing FeetFinder and Fun With Feet reviews to sell pictures of your feet online, FeetFinder comes out on top. Here are a few reasons why:

Higher Earnings Potential

FeetFinder allows you to set your prices for photos and has a wider range of options for selling, from individual photos to monthly subscriptions. Sellers report earning up to 50% more on FeetFinder compared to Fun With Feet. The site also takes a lower percentage of your earnings, so more money goes directly into your pocket.

Better Privacy and Security

FeetFinder uses industry-standard encryption and security measures to protect your identity, photos, and financial information. They also allow you to remain anonymous without sharing personal details to any third party. Fun With Feet, on the other hand, has had several data breaches over the years that compromised users’ private info.

Larger and More Engaged Audience

With over 2 million monthly visitors, FeetFinder has one of the largest audiences of foot fetish enthusiasts. Their users also tend to be very engaged, with high click-through and subscription rates. This means your photos and videos are more likely to be seen and appreciated. 

Fun With Feet sees less than half the traffic of FeetFinder, so you’ll have fewer potential customers and sales.

User-Friendly Interface

FeetFinder’s website and app are very intuitive to use, making it easy to upload photos, set prices, view analytics, and communicate with customers. Their simplified dashboard minimizes the learning curve to be successful on FeetFinder. Fun With Feet, on the contrary, has an outdated site that can be confusing and time-consuming to navigate.

Overall, FeetFinder is the superior platform for selling feet pictures and maximizing your profits. Their competitive advantages in security, earnings, traffic, and user experience make them the best choice if you want to take your foot modeling business to the next level. Why settle for less when you can have the most fun—and make the most money—with FeetFinder?

FeetFinder’s Top Safety and Privacy Features

FeetFinder takes your safety and privacy extremely seriously. That’s why they have implemented industry-leading security features to keep your information confidential and secure.

Top-Notch Encryption

All of your personal data, messages, and photos are encrypted using PCI-compliant security and third-party firewalls. This is the highest level of encryption used by banks and government agencies to protect sensitive data. You can rest assured your information will be kept private.

Anonymous Profiles

You can create an anonymous profile on FeetFinder that hides all personal details. Your name, location, and other identifying details will be kept completely private. Buyers will not be able to see any personal information about you. You can even blur or crop your photos to hide distinguishing features for extra privacy.

Secure Payment Processing

FeetFinder uses a trusted third-party payment processor so you never have to share financial information directly with buyers. All payments are processed securely through the payment processor, keeping your banking details anonymous. Funds are then deposited directly into your bank account.

24/7 Moderation

FeetFinder’s dedicated moderation team reviews all content to ensure safety standards are met. They work around the clock to monitor messages, photos, and profiles for inappropriate behavior. If anything suspicious arises, they take swift action to remove it from the platform. You can feel at ease knowing real people are keeping the site clean and safe.

Delete Your Data Anytime

At any point, you have the right to request FeetFinder delete all of your data from their servers. Within 14 business days, they will permanently remove your profile, messages, photos, and any other information you have shared on their platform. Your privacy is in your control.

Between rock-solid encryption, anonymous profiles, secure payments, and dedicated moderators, FeetFinder goes above and beyond to prioritize your safety and privacy. You’ll have peace of mind that your information is in good hands. Now the only thing left to do is start selling those feet pics!

You can read the detailed Foot Finder Review to know some more features that will make your signing-up decision firm.

How to Get Started Selling Feet Pics on FeetFinder?

So you’ve decided to dip your toes into the world of selling feet pics online. Congratulations! FeetFinder is the premier platform for new and experienced foot models alike. Over 10 million users buy and sell feet pics on FeetFinder every month, and top models can make $5,000 a month or more.

Create an Attention-Grabbing Profile

Set a username that portrays your vibes, you can go through this list of 200+ FeetFinder user name ideas for your foot fetish profile.

Your profile is your chance to show off your best assets and reel in new fans. Choose 3-5 high-quality photos of your feet from different angles. Write a short bio highlighting your foot features and interests. Many models offer promotions and contests to increase engagement.

Set Your Prices

If you don’t have any idea about the average price for feet pics, then as a new seller, start with lower prices like $5 for a single pic, $15 for a set of 5, and $30 for a custom photo set. You can increase your rates as you build your fanbase. FeetFinder takes a 10-15% commission on all sales to cover costs.

Engage with Your Followers

The key to success on FeetFinder is keeping your followers engaged and coming back for more. Post photos 3-5 times a week, and run weekly promotions like ‘Follower Appreciation Friday’ with discounted custom sets. Reply to all comments, and send a personal ‘Thank You’ message whenever someone makes a purchase.

Offer Custom and Exclusive Content

Once you’ve built up a loyal fanbase, the real money is in custom and exclusive content. Offer special custom photo sets, videos, and even live cam shows for your top fans. 

Exclusive content is only available to users who subscribe to your monthly fan club membership. Top models charge $20-50 per month for access to all exclusive content.

In no time, you will sell feet videos and make thousands of dollars. Stay active in the community, keep improving your content, and give your fans the personal experience they crave. Happy snapping and good luck!


So there you have it. Fun With Feet reviews may seem tempting at first, but FeetFinder is the superior platform if you want to make money selling pictures of your body. With more users, better security, and higher payouts, FeetFinder helps you maximize your earning potential in this lucrative niche. 

And with the ability to grow your following and make connections, you can build your brand and turn your foot pics into a steady income. So don’t settle for less – head to FeetFinder and get those toes ready to make money moves. With the right platform, selling feet pics can be a surprisingly fun and fruitful endeavor. Just imagine what you could do with that extra cash flow – endless possibilities.