Is Fun With Feet Worth It?

You know how it is. Times are tight and you’re looking for ways to make money selling pictures of your body. A friend mentions a website called Fun With Feet where people pay for pics of your toes. “Sign me up!” you think. But hold on just a second. Is Fun With Feet worth it? That’s a question many foot enthusiasts and entrepreneurs ponder. Fun With Feet may not be the best bet. 

With sketchy customers and low payouts, you can do better at a site like FeetFinder. Spend your time getting those piggies camera-ready for a place that will treat them right. Fun With Feet? More like No Fun With Feet. Don’t let those high heels go to waste. Strut on over to FeetFinder and make that money.

Interesting Facts About the Foot Fetish Industry

Did you know the foot fetish industry generates over $1 billion in revenue each year? It’s true. While feet may not seem inherently sexual to most, for foot fetishists, feet are a major turn-on. Foot worship and foot jobs are popular requests from clients.

“Feet are the most common fetish and it’s quite a large market,” says sexologist Dr. Gloria Brame. She estimates about 1 in 7 people experience some degree of foot arousal.

While Fun with Feet caters to this niche, but is Fun with Feet worth it? FeetFinder is a better platform if you’re looking to sell feet videos and make thousands of dollars. FeetFinder has a larger audience of foot worshippers, and they allow more explicit content. You can charge $30-$50 for a 5-minute custom video on FeetFinder, while Fun with Feet caps rates at $10 per video.

The Appeal of Feet

Why are feet such an erogenous zone for some? There are a few theories. Some believe it has to do with neural connections in the brain that link areas involved in feet and genital stimulation. Others point to childhood experiences that shape our sexuality.

“A lot of people develop foot fetishes at a young age, often due to seeing a woman’s exposed feet and connecting that image with arousal,” says Dr. Brame. “That connection then persists into adulthood.”

Whatever the cause, for those with podophilia (the official term for a foot fetish), feet can be a major turn-on. So if you’re looking to sell ugly feet pics, FeetFinder is the place to do it. You’ll have an eager audience and can charge premium rates for your sexy photos and videos. And who knows, you might just develop an appreciation for your own feet along the way!

Is Fun With Feet Worth It?- Unveiling the Pitfalls

If earning money by selling feet pics online sounds too good to be true, that’s because it is. While Fun With Feet touts itself as a platform for models to make “easy money” from home, the reality is much less glamorous.

Limited Clientele and Low Earnings- Is Fun With Feet Worth It?

With a niche audience and low subscription fees, most models struggle to make more than pocket change on Fun With Feet. “After the initial hype wore off, I was barely making $50 a month,” says former model Jenny T. “It’s difficult to build up a loyal customer base when people have so many reliable options out there.”

Lack of security and unsafe practices- Is Fun With Feet Worth It?

Fun With Feet does little to verify ages or identities, creating opportunities for underage users and privacy violations. They also don’t screen for potentially dangerous clients. “I had one guy threaten to track me down if I stopped responding to his messages,” recalls model Lauren S. “Fun With Feet did nothing when I reported him.”

Strict policies and lack of support- Is Fun With Feet Worth It?

Models have to follow a long list of rules regarding content and response times but receive little support in return. “They take a huge subscription cost but don’t even have a working customer service line,” says model Tara P. “I felt completely on my own, and it wasn’t worth the stress.”

While selling feet pics may seem like an easy thrill, Fun With Feet’s predatory policies and hazardous environment make it a platform to avoid. Your feet, and your safety, are worth more than what they can provide. If you’re set on this line of work, you’ll have better luck and protection on vetted sites like FeetFinder. Your feet will thank you!

Why FeetFinder Reigns Supreme?

Higher Earning Potential

With FeetFinder, you have the opportunity to make some serious cash from selling pics of your feet. FeetFinder has a larger base of foot fetishists, so you’ll get significantly more views and likes on your photos. This translates directly into higher profits for you. 

Some FeetFinder creators report making over $5,000 a month! Compare that to the pennies you might make on Fun with Feet and ask yourself is Fun with Feet worth it? If you’re looking to sell feet pic for cash, FeetFinder is the only place that can make that happen.

Unmatched Security

FeetFinder also takes privacy and security much more seriously than Fun with Feet. All photos are watermarked and usernames are kept anonymous to protect models’ identities. Fun with Feet has had multiple data breaches over the years, putting users’ personal information at risk. 

With FeetFinder, you can rest assured your photos and info are in good hands. Because they have PCI-compliant security and third-party firewalls to protect your data. As the one-foot model put it, “I can focus on creating content without worrying if my real name and location might end up in the wrong hands.”

Strength in Numbers

With over 10 million monthly visitors, FeetFinder simply has a way bigger audience and community than Fun with Feet. This means your photos will get maximum exposure and you’ll build a loyal fanbase much faster. 

You’ll also benefit from collaborating with other models through features like “duos” where you pose together. The larger talent pool on FeetFinder opens up more opportunities for creative photo shoots and forging new connections within the industry.

While Fun with Feet might seem appealing at first glance, FeetFinder outpaces it in every way that matters to foot models which makes you wonder is Fun with Feet worth it. Higher pay, better security, and an unbeatable community are what truly set FeetFinder apart. 

If you want to take your foot modeling to the next level, FeetFinder is the only choice. The question isn’t whether FeetFinder reigns supreme, but why you haven’t joined yet!

Who Buys Feet Pics?

You might be surprised by the diverse range of people who buy feet pics. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just creepy old men in their basements. All kinds of individuals enjoy this kink, for a variety of reasons.

The Foot Fetishists

Of course, many buyers do have an outright foot fetish. For these folks, feet are intensely arousing. They love seeing toes, arches, and soles on display. Some prefer certain foot characteristics like long toes or high arches. For fetishists, feet pics are a way to satisfy their kink in a safe, ethical way.

The Curious Explorers

Some buyers are just curious about different kinks and sexual interests. They want to explore the world of fetish content to see what appeals to them. Feet, being a relatively tame fetish, seems like a good place to start. These explorers may end up developing a full-on foot fetish, or they may move on to other interests. Either way, their curiosity fuels the demand for feet pics.

The Lonely Souls

Unfortunately, some people buy feet pics simply because they are lonely or isolated. Interacting with a model by requesting customized photos or engaging in conversation can temporarily fulfill their need for human connection. While selling feet pics isn’t a substitute for real relationships, it does provide short-term comfort for these buyers.

The people interested in your feet pics are more diverse than you might assume. But regardless of their reasons for buying, feet pics are a hot commodity, especially on sites like FeetFinder. Fun with Feet may seem appealing, but their policies often favor the buyers, so carefully evaluate the benefits and figure out, is Fun with Feet worth it. Stick with a reputable site like FeetFinder that protects the needs of models. Your feet—and your wallet—will thank you.

Top Tips for Selling Foot Content Online

Selling photos and videos of your feet online can be lucrative, but you have to know the FeetFinder hacks to sell feet pics to maximize earnings of the trade. Here are some tips to get you started:

Choose Your Platform Wisely

While Fun with Feet may seem like an obvious choice, their commissions and restrictions make it difficult to earn a good income and force you to ask the question is Fun With Feet worth it? Instead, consider using a platform like FeetFinder which has far lower fees and more flexibility. They allow you to set your prices and sell a wide range of content like photos, videos, socks, and shoes.

Build Your Audience

The key to success is attracting dedicated followers. Engage with your fans, post regularly to build familiarity, and consider offering promotions and free content to new subscribers. Once you have an established audience, they’ll be ready to purchase your paid content and extras.

Offer a Range of Products

Don’t just sell basic photos—get creative! Some popular items include worn socks and shoes, video clips, personalized content where you say the buyer’s name and roleplaying scenarios. The more you diversify, the more potential revenue streams you’ll have.

Stay Safe and Anonymous

Never include your face or identifiable tattoos/marks in your photos and videos. Use a pseudonym instead of your real name. Be wary of scams asking for personal information or off-site payment. Legitimate platforms like FeetFinder have measures in place to protect your privacy and ensure secure transactions.

Consider Custom Requests

Once you’ve built up a loyal fan base, open yourself up to custom video and photo requests. These specialized commissions often have the highest payouts. Do some research on your audience’s interests to determine what types of custom content they may be most interested in.

Following these tips and choosing the right platform is key to succeeding as a foot model. With time and consistency, you can develop a thriving fan base and earn good money doing what you love!


You’ve weighed the pros and cons, and got the answer to your mystery- Is Fun with Feet worth it?  it’s clear Fun With Feet just isn’t worth your precious time. Their fees consume most of your hard-earned profits, and you deserve better. So check out FeetFinder, where you keep way more of the cash and have total control. Spend your energy on a site that cares, not some giant company just wanting your soles. 

Trust your toes – they’ll lead you to greener pastures. Life needs to be longer for saggy platforms. Use your feet to get followers on FeetFinder, then snap some pics for fans who truly appreciate you. That’s the kind of soulful bliss you deserve.